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June 25, 2019
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
  Goldfish Flake 8lb Bucket   OSI100 139.99
OSI Marine Labs

  Spirulina Flake 7.06oz   OSI3828 18.99
OSI Marine Labs

  Spirulina Flake 8lb Bucket   OSI105 219.99
OSI Marine Labs

  Locline 1/2 Circle Flow Spray Bar 5278 21.99
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.

  AQUA3 2500 Cage Pump & Fountain 658gph   SIC351 169.99

  ECO POND 1 Internal Filter w/ 185gph Pump & Fountains, 20ft Grounded Cord   SIC151 114.99

  ECO POND 2 Internal Filter w/ 357gph Pump & Fountains, 20ft Grounded Cord   SIC152 137.99

  ECO POND 3 Internal Filter w/ 568gph Pump & Fountains, 20ft Grounded Cord   SIC153 196.99

  ECO POND 4 Internal Filter w/ 714 gph Pump & Fountains, 20ft Grounded Cord   SIC154 210.99

  ECOMAX Pond Internal Filter w/o Pump   SIC155 90.99

  EKO Power 10 Pump 3000 gph 90watts 20ft cord   SIC575 363.99

  EKO Power 12 Pump 3500 gph 110watts 20ft cord   SIC576 404.99

  EKO Power 14 Pump 4000 gph 130watts 20ft cord   SIC577 444.99

  Extrema 660gph 6ft Grounded Cord   SIC391 91.99

  Green Reset 100 Pressurized Pond Filter w/ 2 UVs for up to 9264gal   SIC462 710.15

  Green Reset 25 Pressurized Pond Filter w/ 10w UV Up to 3500gal   SIC156 376.85

  Green Reset 40 Pressurized Pond Filter w/ 20w UV for up to 5300gal   SIC157 452.90

  Green Reset 60 Pressurized Pond Filter w/ 2 UVs for up to 6604gal   SIC461 565.25

  Idra 306gph 6ft Grounded Cord   SIC390 55.99

  Master DW 10500 Dirty Water Pump 31ft Max Head 2780gph, 20ft grounded cord   SIC150 449.99

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