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November 25, 2020
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
  Ammonia Test Kit   APH7057 12.49
API Mars Fishcare

  Calcium Test Kit   APH1079 14.99
API Mars Fishcare

  Carbonate Hardness (KH) Test Kit   APH7075 6.99
API Mars Fishcare

  Carbonate Hardness/General Hardness (KH/GH) Test Kit   APH7076 9.99
API Mars Fishcare

  Freshwater Master Test Kit   APH1006 32.99
API Mars Fishcare

  High Range pH Test Kit 7.4-8.8   APH1077 8.49
API Mars Fishcare

  Low Range pH Test Kit 6.0-7.6   APH1080 7.99
API Mars Fishcare

  Nitrite Test Kit   APH1016 9.99
API Mars Fishcare

  Phosphate Test Kit   APH1078 15.99
API Mars Fishcare

  Reef Master Test Kit   APH1030 36.99
API Mars Fishcare

  Saltwater Master Test Kit   APH1007 32.99
API Mars Fishcare

  AM-320 Sensor Wand for Par Sensors by Apogee by Apogee   APO101 59.99
Apogee Instruments

  MQ-510 Full Spectrum Underwater LED PAR Meter by Apogee   APO100 494.99
Apogee Instruments

  SQ-520 Full Spectrum Smart Quantum LED PAR Sensor by Apogee   APO102 350.25
Apogee Instruments

  Aqualife Pro Refractometer   AL1001 44.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Hydrometer / Thermometer   AL301 11.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  LED Refractometer   AL1001L 59.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Measuring Kit   AL8518 5.49
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Natural Scoop 4oz   MK101 1.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Refractometer Calibration Standard 0 ppt 2 oz   AL217 2.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

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