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August 13, 2020
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Title Coral Profile: Bubble Coral

Tanner Crawford

Last Updated



An LPS with some serious puff…

Common Name: Bubble Coral, grape coral, bladder coral, pearl coral 

Scientific Name: Plerogyra sinuosa 

Family: Euphyllidae

Region found: Indo Pacific, aquacultured 

Care Requirements: 

Flow- low to medium flow

Lighting- Moderate lighting

Placement- sand bed

Food/Nutrients- mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, and liquid nutrients such as AquaLife Reef Cafe that can be fed as needed (1-3 times per week)

Unique characteristics- This coral is renowned for its unique bubble-like appearance that cluster the hard skeleton. These bulbous structures are fragile and require low flow to fully extend without being damaged. Bubble corals will also extend sweeper tentacles around the bubbles to attack other corals near their base in an effort to keep space clear for them to get enough light. 

Bubble corals range in color from green, white, and purple. The lighting on your reef can change the appearance of the colors significantly. 


Prefered conditions-

pH- 8.2- 8.4

Temperature- 72-78 F

Salinity 1.024-1.026

dKH 8-128

Recommended Items:

These are a few items that can help you succeed with this and many more corals that are available in store. Talk to a sales staff member about your tank and the specific needs of your reef. 


AL581 Magnesium

AL582 Calcium

AL583 Alkalinity 

AL813 Amino Glow


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