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Resource: Freshwater Fish 
Welcome to our Freshwater Solutions section. These guides are meant to help you do it right the first time - saving you time, money, lost fish, and frustration. Some of the solutions are step-by-step guides, while others, like stress and disease management are more comprehensive treatments of these critical subjects. Our goal is to make this wonderful hobby successful for the beginner and the advanced keeper.
1. 10-gallon Freshater Shopping List
A point by point list of everything needed to start a successful 10 gallon freshwater fish tank. Includes recommendations for all the extras.
2. 20-55-gallon Freshwater Shopping List
A point by point list of everything needed to set up and maintain a successful 20-55 gallon freshwater fish tank, including optional upgrade equipment.
3. Ultimate Freshwater Tank, 50-75 gallons
From filtration, decorations to the fish - everything you need to know to set up the ultimate freshwater system is covered in this solution. A great article for the keeper who's after a successful, beautiful tank.
4. Setting Up - 16 Basic Steps
Once all the equipment is assembled, follow this quick list of the 15 important steps to setting up and getting a tank off to the best possible start.
5. Your New Tank - Things to Keep in Mind
An overview of some important considerations for your new tank as well as an established tank. A great reference to print.
6. Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle
The importance of this critical process in the initail stages of a new tank and the ongoing success of any system is discussed.
7. Choosing the Right Filter
This solution discusses the importance of filtration in the marine tank and its critical role in water quality.
8. Fish Treatment and Quarantine
This solution provides easy to understand explanations of recommended treatments for the most common diseases affecting aquarium fish as well as good habits that keep fish healthy and disease-free.
9. Fish Stress
A comprehensive discussion of the short and long term physiological effects of stress and its impact on fish health. A must read for anyone interested in maintaining a successful, healthy population of fish. Also includes measures to help reduce stressful situation in the captive environment.
10. Freshwater Planted Tank
This guide discusses the successful live planted tank from water conditions, suggested substrates, plant species and the additives to promote lush growth.
11. Freshwater Plant Guide
A comprehensive, illustrated guide to the freshwater plants, nutrition requirements and recommended lighting.
12. Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance
A step-by-step guide for regular aquarium maintenance for a perfectly clear tank and healthy, disease-free fish and invertebrates.

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